Sunsho Recitation Challenge 2023

9月27日(水) We have recently finished the Sunsho Recitation Challenge!  As before, this speech contest is to encourage students to practice speaking English in front of other people.  The contest is open to all students, and like every time there are two speeches.  In the past we tried children’s stories, this time we did English funny stories: (Grades 1-3) “The Banana”, (Grades 4-6) “The Story”.  The students were judged by five categories: 1.memorization  2.cofidence & volume  3.pronunciation & intonation  4.eye contact & gesture  5.speed & pausing.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide who is best, because everyone does such a good job!  Students in all grades have done very well.  Although only the winners of the contest received a special certificate, this is a great experience for everyone.  Congratulations to the winners!

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